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Soneostasis (Piotr Roemer)

The title is a neologism, freely inspired by homeostasis, i.e. a dynamic balance that is observed in living beings: dynamic, often opposed processes operate as communicating vessels, keeping the living organism (as well as the entire ecosystem) in a state of inner harmony. This can also be understood on a poetic level. A disruption of homeostasis engenders pathology, disharmony, and its total collapse, death. The work was composed within the framework of the “Collections. Priority: Compositional commissions” programme of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2012–13), on the recommendation of the Polish Composers’ Union. It was commissioned by the 56th International Warsaw Autumn Festival with the Ensemble Phoenix Basel in mind.

The electroacoustic layer is predominantly composed of transformed percussion sounds performed by Maciej Hałoń and Bartosz Sałdan as well as double bass sounds by Martyna Rudelytė.

Piotr Roemer