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Its fleece electrostatic (Mauricio Pauly)

In this work the pure violin sounds and their processed counterpart are visually integrated through the mechanics evident in their performance. To the listener/viewer it is clear when – and to some degree, how – Karin activates the equipment surrounding her. Because the technology is integrated into the physical performance, the artifice is exclusively within the music as it unfolds over time.

“Mary had a little lamb, its fleece electrostatic / And everywhere Mary went, the lights became erratic”. David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest. The piece was originally written to be played using two guitar pedals in particular; the Boss DD-6 (a digital delay with a quirk which was sadly corrected in the new version of the pedal) and the Digitech Whammy (an expressive pitch shifter).

The piece can also be performed, however, with an adaptation of Rodrigo Constanzo’s The Party Van, controlled by the performer using a MIDI pedal board.

Mauricio Pauly