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Kaleidoscope (Matej Bonin)

When I started to think about the idea of myths and national identities in different countries, in my particular case – about myths and identities regarding Slovenia, I quite suddenly realized that the main topic of my piece will be not so much the myths themselves as the exploration of whether and how they interest me... and most importantly, why I am sceptical towards them as a young person? There are too many different myths and ideals that are circulating in the public sphere in the present times in Slovenia. Usually those myths are created by different political options, which are communicating in this way with their potential voters. It is hard for an individual to identify himself or herself as part of a nation when there are so many different versions of myths and ideals at the same time, and they are constantly negating one another. Dealing with contradictory myths, especially if they are politically produced for the masses, makes me concerned: do they really contribute to the process of discovering yourself as an individual?

Matej Bonin