- Mikołaj Majkusiak

is a cyclic work, composed of the following movements: PreludeInterlude IInterlude IIInterlude IIIPostlude. In its artistic expression, the work addresses “civil disobedience” and resistance against oppressive power. The Interludes refer to preexisting works, primarily linked to the period of martial law in Poland: Andrzej Bieżan’s Isn’t It?, Maria Pokrzywińska’s Reglamentoso, Elżbieta Sikora’s Janek Wiśniewski, December, Poland, and Louis Andriessen’s Il DuceThePrelude and Postlude are to larger extent the composer’s own voice, counterpointing issues such as freedom and self-determination. 

Apart from referring to the specific commentary in the Interludes, the title Mirrors also emphasises the reflection of some symbols and ideas. It expresses the concern that the smallest changes can unexpectedly and inadvertently morph into thoughts that will eventually gain a totally different, often dangerous meaning. 

Mikołaj Majkusiak