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Darkroom. Ein Phantasiestück (Jānis Petraškevičs)

I have attempted to create music that is, as it were, self-aware, reflecting upon itself. The “sounding personality” is essentially dual in its character – indirectly alluding to Robert Schumann, the composer of introvert music par excellence, its dreamer self (Eusebius) seeks for an optimal distance that would allow it to observe its own sensations, colors and shades – in other words, its passionate self (Florestan). “What is the logic therein?” asks Eusebius while occasionally settling on that quiet and silent land from which one can stoically observe one’s own constructive as well as deconstructive forces – their surges and storms... I have associatively linked the conditions for such introspective self-examination with the image of darkroom – a room that can be made completely dark to allow the processing of light sensitive materials.

Jānis Petraškevičs