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Mandillo Ágata

Born in 1983 in Lisbon. In July 2007 she concluded her BA Honours in Anthropology at the ISCTE Lisbon. Since then she has been working both as researcher in art and education and also as educational practitioner in artistic educational settings at the Gulbenkian Foundation. In 2011/12 she started her PhD in Education, Creativity and New Digital Technologies under the supervision of Avril Loveless at the School for Education at the University of Brighton. She was granted a PhD scholarship from the Foundation for Science and Technology (Portugal).

Since 2002 she has been working with artist and musician Simão Costa, with whom she has developed several educational and artistic projects: c_Vib, Cymatics_Vibrating Interactive Boards (2010–11) – musical sound sculptures that explore the physical properties of sound; Loud&Speaker – workshop performance of musical creativity with new digital technologies for children and youth, among others.

Since March 2011 she has been developing LAbMóvel – an experimental lab for creativity and new media – commissioned by the Gulbenkian Foundation Educational Service (Descobrir) in Lisbon. LAbMóvel runs regular workshops and develops new educational assets throughout the year.

Since 2006 she has been also developing her work as a storyteller, performing Sound-Told Fairy Tales – Electroacoustic Theatre, which presents in a single show a collection of different musical stories for children. Sound-Told Fairy Tales is a Miso Music Portugal production, premiered in 2006 at the Centre for Education and Animation / Belém Arts Centre. Since then this project has been circulating nationwide.

In December 2011, together with the Lisbon University Children Choir, she premiered Miguel Azguime’s children opera The Little Girl Water Droplet.