Pentatonium - Jerzy Bauer

The title comes from the name of the pentatonic scale. According to Wikipedia, it is a “scale with five notes per octave. It is popular in Polish folk music, among others. The word “pentatonic” comes from Greek and denotes five notes. An example of a pentatonic scale are five consecutive black keys on a piano keyboard. The term was generally used only with regard to Oriental musical scales, but today it is referred to all scales comprising five notes. A pentatonic scale was the first stage in the development of tonality, it emerged in all cultures in the world, from ditonic and tritonic scales. It can also be found in Polish folk music, for example in the Hop wedding song.” 

In my Pentatonium, the pentatonic scale is transposed, rhythmicised and clustered, the piece resembles an improvised game with pentatonic scales. 

Jerzy Bauer