Morin, Emilie

first studied classical violin and voice in music schools, then focusing jazz music. In 1996, she opened Boplicity, a jazz club in a Paris suburb, and produced artists such as the trio Graillier/Culaz/Goubert, Simon and Marianne Spang-Hansen, Bruno Rousselet, Edouard Ferlet, Steve Potts, Georges Arvanitas, Lionel and Stéphane Belmondo. In 2002, she created Movimientos, dedicated to artist management and production of live performances. For Sonia Wieder-Atherton she created projects of albums, audiovisual programs and live performances. 

Her experience took her naturally to work for the theatre with the comedian Jacques Bonnaffé. She participated in the foundation and development his Compagnie Faisan; she produced and promoted his L’oral et hardi, and produced some of his Banquets du faisan (always conceived in collaboration with musicians, artists, authors, cooks, etc.) 

Also in 2006–7, she was in charge of the Culture 2000 EU cultural cooperation programme implementation in Erevan, which focused notably on the restoration of instruments, lutemakers’ training, and consolidation of local musical life. 

Since 2002, she has been responsible for the coordination and development of the activities of Georges Aperghis. She has been his artistic assistant for the stage productions of Avis de tempête (2004), Seul à seuls (2006), Les Boulingrin (2010), and Luna Park (2011).