- Piotr Tabakiernik

In principle everyone has their VOICE

(though the proverb goes that kids and fish do not: 

fish – well, OK, but children?!) 


TO HAVE A VOICE is not enough, though. 


A VOICE can be a CALL

as when a dog wants to say 

“I’m here” (or “woof” in brief). 



as when a person says “I want it” 

(simply... I want, that’s all!) 


A VOTE is telling others what we want 

We agree by talking (using our voice again) 

that though we have our VOICE, we won’t decide by ourselves 

what, where, and how

but we will pass our vote to others who have volunteered

to SPEAKon our behalf 

(meaning: decide for us).


Nobody DEPRIVES us of our SAY

We give it up by VOTING


(but before we do, let us listen attentively 

to what the candidates have to say) 


Imagine a country in which people speak with the language of music. Everyone likes a different kind of music, and if all of them were to be played in the same place, the noise would be unbearable. So the musicians set up parties, and each presents its own idea for what music should be heard throughout the country. Once a year, they announce their electoral manifestoes and encourage us to get acquainted with them. Everyone can listen and judge for themselves. The parties present and debate. In the end, all citizens vote for those who should play for us in the coming year. 

Would you like to be a citizen of such a musical country? 

Nothing easier: in Królikarnia Sculpture Park, you will find the election points of five Musical Parties. Make sure you get acquainted with their manifestoes, listen to the debate in which they will confront their views. Then VOTE for the party of your choice. 

Your vote will be heard and will echo through the country. 

Piotr Tabakiernik