Disco Bloodbath
(Got to be real)
- Rafał Ryterski

Disco Bloodbath, book by James St. James, published in 1999. 

Shade: LGBT slang term describing insults, partially in joke form;shading is most often used in drag queen communities; although its origins can be traced back to the 1970s; the term was introduced to the greater public through the documentary film Paris is Burning (1990). 

Ball: type of competition which involves walking down the runway, at times dancing (vogueing) or competing in various drag categories; the ball culture reached its peak of popularity in the LGBTQ community in New York in the 1980s 

PvPplayer versus player; term most commonly used in online games, a type of conflict between several game participants who compete against one another. 

What you think ah! What you feel now What you know ah! To be real! 

Cheryl Lynn, Got to be real, 1978 

Rafał Ryterski