Amplified, What is There? (Nagłaśniając, cóż tam jest?)
- Krzysztof Wołek

Thanks to the extreme amplification and compression of sound in Amplified, What is There?, usually very quiet instrumental sounds and colours become amplified and used as material for the composition. The question asked in the title on the one hand refers to the construction of sound (what is its basis and what is it made of) and on the other, it is an extramusical question we should ask ourselves when constantly bombarded with information. What are the sources of what we hear? Are they reliable knowledge-based facts or attempts at manipulation? Do we need this information or is it just a media chaos? From this point of view the piece is a critical look at the problem of information overload and the need to consciously and skillfuly filter incoming messages, separate the useful from the useless, real from fake. 

The work has been composed for the Kwartludium ensemble with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the Compositional Commissions programme. 

Krzysztof Wołek