Staahaadler Affenstall
- Oxana Omelchuk

for drumset, ensemble and samplepads is an adaptation of the solo piece Staahaadler Aff for drumset and samplepad from 2010. Staahaadler Aff consists of a series of variations, in which the fixed material (real and simulated sounds of a jukebox, Harry Partch’s voice, excerpts from a well-known salon music piece) is reshaped through a combination with live drums. 

The question of the “old” and “new” in art was asked in the piece. Music often appears to us as a transformation of old music and not as a medium of individual articulation.

In the new version, the material of the piece and its general idea remain untouched. The new version addresses the principle of duplication, which is represented not only by the doubling of musicians but also by the duplication of the performance material of the old version of the piece. 

The name Staahaadler Aff refers to a jukebox from the nineteenth century, whose central figure is a mandolin-playing monkey. 

Oxana Omelchuk