Black Series
- Peter Ablinger

The piece goes back to a sketch from 2010, which was labelled as Suprematism for Rock Band. “Suprematism” is the term given by Kazimierz Malewicz to determine his abstract language of form. The total of ten works of the Black Series, each lasting 1–4 minutes, were written for clarinetist Gareth Davis and Dutch noise rock band Julie Mittens. The titles of the pieces include AlbersMalewitch 1–3,Mondrian 1–5, and Reinhardt

The score is in both graphic and audio form, composed of samples of Julie Mittens Band. The graphic form is composed of screenshots of a multitrack view of each montage. In this way, I endeavoured to transmit my sound imagination to rock musicians who cannot read scores. Interestingly, although not my intention, one of the track views looks like a late Mondrian painting. 

Peter Ablinger