Contemporary Disco

Do modern composers invite us to dance?

In the rich polyphony of new music, there is room for aesthetic discourse, polemics, analyses, but also still for lyricism, meditation, and metaoverviews of musical art and time.

Tonight, we are focusing on the point where musical form and its inner movement come close to the organic experience of music triggering and mobilising the body.

The task of writing “music for dance” for Warsaw Autumn Hits the Club was oferred to Teoniki Rożynek, Dganit-Enso Elyakim, Hadas Pe’ery, and Sławomir Kupczak.

In turn, Bartosz Weber will present dance-like electronic reminiscences of compositions by Krzysztof Wołek, György Ligeti, Szabolcs Esztényi, and Bernhard Lang, among others. 

Dagna Sadkowska