Schüttler, Martin

Born in 1974, composer, performer and cofounder of the artist group stock11. His works focuses on new contextualisations of social, media, and physical realities of everyday life. He has cooperated with specific musicians and groups, including Asamisimasa, Nadar Ensemble, and Ictus. Since 2014 Martin Schüttler has worked as a composition professor at the High School of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart. 

Selected works: Augenbildermusik for accordion, percussion, tape and lights (1999), Als ich die Zunge herausschnitt for 12-voice ensemble and live electronics (1999–2000), Fantasy Island for prerecorded sounds (2000), zer.wüstetfor orchestra and electronics (2001), linked trips for large ensemble (2001), clinique for piccolo and accordion (2002), venus_5 for piano and live electronics (2002), Die Nacht kurz vor den Wäldern, theatre music (2003), taped & low-bit for countertenor and synthesizer (2003), conglom-o-mat for orchestra and electronics (2004), Musik zu souvenir, dance performance with live electronics (2004), schöner leben 2 (Monument für T.H.) for piano and live electronics (2007), Marionfor prerecorded sounds (2007), Kokain for prerecorded sounds (2007),Ulysses, theatre music (2007), schöner leben 5 (“Nix verstehen ist besser als gar nichts.” – M.K.) for prepared and amplified viola and tape (2008), schöner leben 1 (music for K.C.) for countertenor and electric piano, megaphone, tape, mask and gun (2008), schöner leben 4 (sumo D.D.) for amplified harp, tape and TV set (2008), Das Mitleid ist die Geißel der Menschheit, Sheri for prerecorded sounds (2008), schöner leben 3 (“Girl You Know It’s True” – M.V.) for flute, amplifications, neon lights and electronics (2009), Aus Anlass – zum Gebrauch bestimmt for piano (2009),Nicht schön, aber sauber for piano and keyboard (2010), Schalten lernen for piano with keyboard (2010), Leerstand, radio theatre (2010), Soforterlös for oboe, cello, piano, plexiglass plate and TV sets (2010), Wald for orchestra and electronics (2011), schöner leben 6 (Armstrong-Schaltung) for cello, tape and electronics (2011), schöner leben 7 (Äußerlich auf dem Damm, aber verkorkst im Innern.” – D.F.W.) for saxophone, electronics and tape (2011), play*, acousmatic reading (2011), Gier for large ensemble (2011), Dein Penis for cello, percussion and feedback system (2012); also version for unspecified instrumentation), Selbstversuch, die Andern for large ensemble (2013), Wir sind frei for unspecified performers (2013), Dieter Sanchez for guitar, cello, feedback system and live electronics (2013), MEUTEN (Imitat) for large choir and live electronics (2014), Index [St. Peter] for organ, electronics and tape (2014), Absolut Return + ALPHA for large ensemble (2015), erased composer for prerecorded sounds (2015), arcade re for cello, percussion and live electronics (2016), low poly rose for clarinet, piano and cello (2016), schöner leben 9 (Turing Maschine) for conductor, click tracks, monitors and tape (2016), xerox for saxophone, percussion and piano (2003–17), My mother was a piano teacher [...] for large ensemble (2017), String Quartet (2017).