Tabakiernik, Piotr

Born in 1986, he graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. His interests include microtonality, cognitive sciences, extended tools and techniques of expression, the performative aspect of musical works, rituals, and theatre in the broadest sense (he has been associated professionally with the stage for about a dozen years). Apart from his exploration of compositional technique and musical aesthetics, he likes to write and improvise in historical styles and frequently dialogues with the past in his works. He also pursues his linguistic passions, using his free time to invent new conlangs (constructed languages), which he sometimes uses in his music. 

He is progressively focusing his interest on compositions as situations: people, sounds, words, objects, and circumstances, their mutual interrelations in the process of becoming, studied under the subjective lens of the composer. From a rite of passage in toutur thrœu (written for cellist Andrzej Bauer and orkest de ereprijs), through monachomachiawith its simulated dispute and musical battle, to Symphonic Piece for a philharmonic (premiered during the final concert of last year’s Warsaw Autumn), in which the conventions of a philharmonic concert are dismantled. This year, he invites us to play the elector in his new composition, VOICES/VOTES.

Selected works: sumpiqo for string quartet, percussion and 8-channel sound projection (2013), šeg for cello and accordion (2014), απ̓ óπτωσις (apoptōsis) for vocal sextet (2015), WAM-iationen for accordion (2015), toutur thrœu (hearing ritual) for cello and ensemble (2016), monachomachia, music theatre (2017), Symphonic Piece for philharmonic (2017), VOICES/VOTES, performance / park game (2018).