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Skrzydła / Wings

In the historic apartment house at 4, Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw—now empty and under renovation—Włodzimierz Kotoński’s electronic works are played back from small loudspeakers and audio players. The composer, who died last year, was a pioneer of this genre in Poland, author of the first Polish electronic composition (1959): the legendary Study on One Cymbal Stroke, a work based on processing the sound of a cymbal recorded on magnetic tape. Altogether, Kotoński composed nine works for tape, whose growing sophistication reflects the advances in electronic music. Seven of these will be presented in different interiors inside the Warsaw building. The spatial arrangement of audio equipment is adapted to the interior: it is supposed to form a harmonious visual whole with the architectural features, concealed as it were among them.

Already in the staircase visitors will be greeted by the gentle noise of overlapping sounds, each coming from a different level as if suspended in space and time. These will lead the visitors to the various sound-filled spaces within the house.

The abandoned rooms of the century-old tenement; ghosts of its former life; material evidence of the passage of time and the abstract, ambiguous sounds of electronic music coming from afar, from behind a wall—such is the intriguing atmosphere of this installation.