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Zones de turbulences - Philippe Manoury

Five movements. The first one could be entitled “codes on the wrong track.” It is based on false Morse code patterns that, by sending incomprehensible information, in the end cause turbulences full of incongruities. The second, the shortest I have ever written, is a challenge to the brevity of Beethoven’s tenth Bagatelle op. 119. The third one unfolds at a contemplative and slow tempo, interrupted by highly agitated motifs based around harmonic resonances. The fourth movement is a monody between the two pianos, but every note gives rise to divergent and eccentric disturbances. As for the last one, the most highly developed, it recapitulates all the previous ones and tries, as far as it is possible, to add a little more disorder.

Zones de turbulences was composed in Strasbourg between July and September 2013 for the GrauSchumacher Piano Duo.

Philippe Manoury