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Latvian Cookbook (Andris Dzenītis)

Every nation worldwide has its own local traditions – from ancient tribal rituals, to traditions determined by historical circumstances and the wide diversity of different forms of pleasure. One of these very pleasing, specific and always intriguing traditions

is the art of cooking, Of course, most popular national dishes are everyday reality for big nations. My set of 9 musical pieces is based on real Latvian recipes from ancient times, passed down from grandmothers to grandchildren and again...

It is the real Latvian cuisine from the deep countryside, as well as the quisine of townswomen and Latvian families, living in connection with the traditions of our old and rich culture. There is a legend that during important feasts there should be 9 different dishes on the table to ensure wealth and health in the folowing year. That is why there are 9 pieces in my cycle. Descriptions of each part were created by the famous Latvian cook and gourmet Mārtiņš Rītiņš.

Andris Dzenītis