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Skąd? Dokąd? – Mity, naród, tożsamość (Where from? Where to? – Myths, Nation and Identities)

Central Eastern Europe’s cultural scenes have not only an extraordinarily rich musical heritage, but today also a great wealth of outstanding composers and musicians. Time and again, music has made crucial contributions to the formation of national identities and self-assertion under the rule of various foreign powers. Today as well, the music landscapes are closely meshed with the national identities of Central Eastern European states, many of which are still young. The young artists from Central Eastern Europe participating in the project Where from? Where to? – Myths, Nation, Identities study the historical and modern myths that have supported the formation of national identities and meanings – in their compositions, premiered in December 2012 in Munich, which will be performed throughout Central Eastern Europe by the internationally renowned Ensemble Modern.