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Pauly Mauricio

Born in San José, Costa Rica in 1976. Composer of instrumental chamber music, often amplified and often incorporating electronics. His music is performed by ensembles such as Dal Niente, Nikel, Vortex, Talea, JACK Quartet, Mivos Quartet, Vertixe Sonora, Fonema Consort and Asamisimasa. Over the last year, his music has been featured in concerts and festivals in New York, Darmstadt, Oslo (Ultima), Manchester, London, Basel, Frankfurt, Berlin, Chicago, Madrid, Paris and Tel Aviv (Tzlil Meudcan), among others.

He has been awarded the Darmstadt Summer Courses’ Staubach Honoraria 2010, the 2011 Costa Rican Authors and Composers’ Prize, the 2006 Budapest Clavicembalo Foundation Composition Prize and the 2005 Pablo Sorozabal Composition Prize.

Since leaving his native Costa Rica, he has lived in Miami, Boston, Budapest, The Hague and, since 2007, in Manchester. He is a part-time lecturer at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and a studio tutor at the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio in London. He performs and records regularly as an electric bass player with the trio A Greater Horror. He is also the founder and artistic co-director of Distractfold, an electroacoustic ensemble based in the UK.


Selected works: Carta for cello (2003), Opening of the Calf for soprano and viola (2003), Oficio for soprano and string orchestra (2003), The Ruse of the Hymen Ghost for viola and piano (2003), Attentive but Crestfallen for six instruments (2004), The Educatable Rush for different chamber ensembles (2004), Télex for wind instruments (2005), Forebe Aneba for harpsichord (2006), The Shutter Fails for three clarinets and bassoon (2007), La Prisa Educable for clarinet, piano, bass guitar and percussion (2007), Club de doñas for percussion and electronics (2007), Regen for clarinet and violin (2008), Swerve for string quartet (2009), Four Lukas Epigrams for eight instruments (2009), Clinamen clinamen clinamen for different chamber ensembles (2008–10), Con tentáculos. No patente pero subpatente for ensemble (2010), To what depths of dark pigment for cello and video (2010), Dust Unsettled for voice, trombone, cello, piano and percussion (2011), Apartamento Polsen Apartamento Peterson for saxophone, cello and piano (2011), Fold explain fold leave for ensemble (2012), Great concavity great convexity for clarinet, violin, cello, percussion (2012), Its fleece electrostatic for violin and pedals (2012), Otra máquina célibe for amplified ensemble (2013).