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Roemer Piotr

Born in 1988 in Cracow, he graduated with distinction from the F. Chopin Secondary School of Music in Cracow, where he studied violin under Anna Rychlik. In 2010 he graduated in music theory under Krzysztof Droba from the Music Academy in Cracow, before continuing his studies with Małgorzata Janicka-Słysz. He currently pursues a composition course with Magdalena Długosz at the same Academy.

He is the winner of the Call for Sounds Composition Competition (Warsaw Autumn 2009). His music has been featured at festivals such as Warsaw Autumn, Audio Art Festival in Cracow, Sound Screen Festival in Bydgoszcz, 5th Wawel Royal Castle at Dusk Summer Music Festival in Cracow, and students’ concerts at the Music Academy in Cracow. In 2012 he was commissioned to write a chamber work for the Polish Composers’ Union, financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the “Collections. Priority: Compositional commissions” programme.

Piotr Roemer also plays the violin at the Con Passione Little Poland Chamber Orchestra. He writes short stories (he is a laureate of several writing competitions) and texts about music. His works have been published in short stories anthologies (Replika i Forma), within the book Pro Musica Sacra – tom VIII. Słowo – Dźwięk – Muzyka (Cracow 2010), in Teoria muzyki. Studia, interpretacje, dokumentacje (year I, 2012, No. 1), on the Warsaw Autumn Festival website and the Fahrenheit online literary magazine.

He is an amateur Argentine tango dancer and belongs to the Cracow circle of milongueros; he co-organises tango events. He hones his dancing skills by embracing contact improvisation. He is a co-founder and vice-president (for the academic year 2012/2013) of the Il Cannone Composition Students’ Research Group of the Music Academy in Cracow.

Piotr Roemer has received scholarships from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2010), the City of Cracow (2010) and the Sapere Auso Foundation (2011).


Selected works: Tango sonore, electroacoustic composition (2009), Trio for Table and Prepared Scissors for two violins, double bass and live electronics (2011), Tesla for two saxophones (2011), Project: Tesla for electroacoustics and improvising musicians (2011), Re-Sublimations for string orchestra and percussion (2012), Soneostasis for chamber ensemble and electronic media (2012–13).