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Varga Judit

The Hungarian composer Judit Varga was born in 1979 in Györ. She studied piano and composition at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest from 1998–2004. In 2004 she went to Vienna to study media composition and applied music as well as piano and composition at the University of Music and the Performing Arts. She continued to attend master classes and composition seminars, among others the International Bartòk Seminar (György Kurtàg, Marco Stroppa), 2001 ‘Achantes’ in Avignon (Peter Eötvös, Pierre-Laurent Aimard) and in 2002–05 the VIP (Vienna International Pianists) Academy in Vienna on a regular basis.


Selected works: Passion for trio and speaker (1994–95), Piano Concerto No. 1 (1996–97), Harbach for soprano and instruments (1999, 3 versions), Rabbit for instruments (1999), Tenebrae for three cellos and three tenors (1999), Quartett (2000), Words for piano (2001), Just in Time for tape (2001), String Quartet No. 2 (2002), Kínai mese for ensemble and speaker (2002), HANT for bassoon and tape (2003), HANT (2nd version) for flute and tape (2003), Kammerkonzert for clarinet and ensemble (2003–04), Möbiusband for four musicians (2003), Indigo for instruments, tape and video (2003), In memoriam J. V. for ensemble (2004), The Life for soprano (2004), Dialog for four musicians (2004, two versions), Pavane for ensemble (2004), Piano Concerto No. 2 ‘Quasi una cadenza’ (2004–05), 3 Tonleiterübungen for harpsichord (2005), Strictly Ballroom for ensemble (2005), Strictly Ballroom III for ensemble and tape (2005), 13 Lieder for bass clarinet and electronics (2005), Strictly Ballroom II for ensemble (2005), Mad(á)rigál for 15 singers (2005), Ewig, ewig for viola and ensemble (2006), Strictly Ballroom IV for ensemble (2006), Strictly Ballroom V for tape (2006), Piano Quintet (2007), Pavane for ensemble (2007), Le Temps retrouvé for orchestra (2008), Forradalmi Concerto for piano and orchestra (2009), Hallgató-Pergetö for 23 strings (2009–10), Barcarole pour Frédéric et George for piano (2010), ...sweeter than roses... for soprano, baritone and ensemble (2010), Concerto Imaginario for big orchestra nad tape (2011), Portraits fona for viola (2011), ...alles Fleisch... for orchestra (2012), Entitas for 18 musicians and tape (2012), 13 Lieder for clarinet and ensemble (2013).