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Dzenītis Andris

was born in 1978 in Riga. Already at the age of 16 he received the Chamber Music Prize of the Latvian Composers’ Union for his Sonata for Violin and Piano “Pamestie”.

As a Herder beneficiary he studied composition with Kurt Schwertsik at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna in 1996–97. He continued his studies at the Latvian Academy of Music with Pēteris Plakidis (1997–99) and at the Music and Theatre Academy of Latvia with Osvaldas Balakauskas (1999–2003). His works have been frequently performed and recorded on CD and won numerous prizes, e.g. the Great Music Award, which is valued highly in Latvia. In addition to his work as a music journalist, music life organizer and composition teacher, Dzenītis is a co-founder of the Woodpecker project, a group for electronic music. Since 2004, Dzenītis has also been a board member of the Latvian Composers’ Union.


Selected works (since 2000): Der Todeskeim. Der Lebenskeim for two kokles and flute (2000), Verbum et Verbum for mezzosoprano solo (2000), Pierrot for saxophone (2001), Stanza II. Super flumina Babylonis for strings, 3 voices and electronics (2001), Gutta for tape (2001), Passia for tape (2002), Landscape on a Dark Red for tape (2002), Bang for Three for 3 percussionists (2002), Stanza III ...innuendo for large symphony orchestra (2000/02), Narrow Paths. Dreamy Steps for guitar (2003), Le jardin descends vers la mer for tape (2003), Solitude for mezzo-soprano with electronics (2003), Les Livres de ton silence / Books of Silence, chamber opera in one act to a text by Oscar Milosz (2002–04), Seven Madrigals by E.E.Cummings for mezzo-soprano and six instruments (2004), Sitivit Anima Mea for organ (2005), Stones and Veils, concerto for French horn and small orchestra (2005), INDIGO for tape (2005), Pavasara rits for choir and instruments (2005/06), Fading Airs. Scattered Choirs for two kokles and accordion (2006), Bird for voice with electronics (2006), Black for voice with electronics (2006), Fides.Spes.Caritas for choir and orchestra (2006), Grace for electric guitar and electronics (2007), Tunnel ambience for multimedial exposition (2007), Parahypnosis, music for installation (2007), Black Cherry.Verso II (2007), Wind Rose. City Shape Turbulence for electric guitar and electronics (2007), In Se I for seven brass wind instruments and string orchestra (2007), Pigeon Post for choir, flute, accordion and two kokles (2007), Urban Translated for clarinet with orchestra (2007/08), Mâte Zeme for viola (1997–2008), Stencil of Time for cello, electric guitar and electronics (2008), Distant Bells for 2 pianos (2008), No Wave, No Particle: Walking Through Walls, installation (2008), Dauka, opera to a libretto by Karlis Verdins (2007–09), Woodoo 80 for electric guitar and electronics (2009), Pinkerigas dziesminas for mezzo-soprano, flute, tuba and piano (2009), Dorada for piano (2010), Drone for wind instruments (2010), Duality for piano with orchestra (2010), Trataka. Point noir for string quartet (2010/2011), Preludium. Light for symphony orchestra (2011), Kali Yantra for flute and piano (2011), Northern Orchid for gamelan (2011), Matter of Imagination for kokle (or electric guitar) and saxophone quartet (2011), Amrita for string quartet (2011), Latvian Cookbook for ensemble (2012), Voice of Plains for saxophone and organ (2012), E(GO) for saxophone and orchestra (2012), Forged Meetings for guitar (2013).