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Wierzbicki Tadeusz

Poet, fabulist and scriptwriter. He graduated in theatre direction from the Department of Puppet Art of the State High School of Drama in Warsaw in 1986. Since 1987, he has been living and working in a traditional rural farmhouse in Majaczewice near Sieradz, where he established an atelier.

He has created several new techniques of visual theatre: deflected lights theatre using mirror shapes, shadow and electrostatic stained glass play, magnetic shadow play, natural lights theatre. Many of Wierzbicki’s techniques consist of displaying shapes on a screen: shadows, lights, and reflections. He is a thorough individualist, working on his own from concept through scenography up to stage performance. He is the author of experimental scenarios (Scarescares, A Tale of the Shoemaker and the Beautiful Princess, Bunnies, Bunnies or the Little I, Little Nobody). He has shown his works at festivals in Poland, several European countries as well as Turkey, Israel, Mexico and Brazil. He has co-operated with composers such as Jerzy Kornowicz (visualisations of his works Metanoja, Renesis, Shapes of the Elements, Entwined Figures), Mieczysław Litwiński (Tabula rasa), Tadeusz Wielecki (visualisations of Beggar’s Ballade, Concerto à rebours, The Thread is Spinning, A Very True Story, Numerous Branches of Ramified Plaits) and Anna Zielińska (musical–visual actions Indian Summer, Drifts). He has authored the project of “manual cinema”, which includes improvisations by Piotr Kurek (laptop) and Jerzy Kornowicz (piano).

He has worked with the TV Theatre. He has performed an experimental show with the use of deflected lights technique at the Arlekin Puppet Theatre in Łódź (Nazim Hikmet’s Infatuated Cloud). He has consulted for shadow and lights theatres, and run a number of workshops. As a poet he made his debut in the “Poezja” monthly, and has published two collections of poems: The Glass Door (Łódzkie Editions) and Horizon (Iskry); his poems have been made into a TV show titled Ever Farther from the Road.