Thomas, Zach

Composer and new media artist whose work is characterised by impulse and precision. He is currently working on his doctorate at the University of North Texas where he is also a teaching fellow at the Centre for Experimental Music and Intermedia, and a researcher at the xREZ Art+Science Lab. Zach Thomas is director of the new music non-profit ScoreFollower, which curates and produces online content for the promotion of contemporary music. In his compositions, presented throughout North America and Europe, he uses instruments, electronics, and video. 

Selected works: Re:flexion, interactive installation for prepared piano, surface transducers, electronics and mixed media (2011), Vertices for baritone saxophone, percussion and prepared piano (2012), Bouncing, interactive video and audio installation for children (with Krzysztof Wołek, 2012–13), Plotfor flute and bass flute, bass clarinet, two guitars (and mandolin), prepared piano and live electronics (2013), efflux (#1) for trumpet with amplification (2014), manifold for alto saxophone and live electronics (2015), Warenfetisch for prepared cello with amplification (2016), et fermentent de même et les cuirs et les peaux, duo for amplified voice and recorders (2016), husk, acousmatic music (2017), Braid for prepared clarinet and cello (2017), contour – ridge – spine for sopranino saxophone with synthetic reed and amplification (2018), efflux (#2) for accordion (2018), I:OAN (Instrument: One Antarctic Night), VR installation (2018), replica (#1) for string trio, preparations, live electronics and projection (2019), replica (#2) for voice, live electronics and video (2019), replica (#3), installation for live electronics and video (2019).