Di Scipio, Agostino

Born in 1962 in Naples. Composer, sound artist and scientist. He began composing in the mid-1980s as a self-taught musician, then graduated from L’Aquila Conservatoire where he studied with Michelangelo Lupone and Mauro Cardi. He also completed a computer music programme at the University of Padua. Since then he has been exploring unconventional methods of generating and transmitting sound, often in the context of phenomena like emergence and chaotic dynamics. Many of his best-known works are based on networks of “man–machine– environment” sound interactions, either in performances featuring live electronics or in chamber music settings and sound installations. 

A monograph issue of Contemporary Music Review appeared in 2014, dedicated to his oeuvre as a composer and sound artist. Recordings featuring his works have been released by labels such as RZ Edition, Neos, Stradivarius, Wergo, Neuma, Die Schachtel, Chrysopée Électronique, and others. With pianist Ciro Longobardi he released a full-concert rendition of John Cage’s Electronic Music for Piano (2012 Venice Biennale, available on Stradivarius). With saxophonist and political activist Mario Gabola, he has performed as a duo using recycled analogue circuitry. 

Agostino Di Scipio served as professor of electroacoustic composition at the Naples Conservatoire (2001–13) and today works at the University of L’Aquila. He was Edgard Varèse Professor at the Technische Universität Berlin (2007–8), guest professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2004), at the Centre Creation Musicale Iannis Xenakis in Paris (2001–7), and also lectured at many other institutions worldwide, including the IEM in Graz, IRCAM in Paris, SARC in Belfast, Simon Fraser University Burnaby/Vancouver, Orpheus Institute in Ghent, Zagreb Academy of Music, and Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. As a member of the Écologies du Son PhD research team (Université Paris 8), he conducted extensive research into the history, analysis, and criticism of sound and music technologies. 

Selected works: Estensioni for computer-generated tape (1988), Fractus for viola and stereo tape (1990), Event for flute, bass clarinet, 4-track tape and live electronics (1990), Plex for double bass and 4-track tape (1991), Kairos for soprano saxophone, tape and live electronics (1992), 4 Variazioni sul ritmo del vento for recorder and live electronics (1995), 6 Studies for piano and live electronics (1995–97), 5 Interazioni cicliche for string quartet and live electronics (1997–98), Ektopos for one, two or more classical guitars (1998), Texture-multiple for ensemble and live electronics (1993–2000), Book of flute dynamics for flute and live electronics (2001), Untitled 2001 for computer-generated tape (2001), Craquelure for live electronics (2002), Os, Oris for trombone and live electronics (2002), Due di uno for violin, piccolo recorder and live electronics (2002), Impulse Response Study (Audible Ecosystemics no. 1) for live electronics (2002), Feedback Study (Audible Ecosystemics no. 2a) for live electronics (2003), Untitled 2004 for live electronics (2004), Background Noise Study (Audible Ecosystemics no. 3a) for live electronics (2005), Background Noise Study (Audible Ecosystemics no. 3b) for voice and live electronics (2005), 3 Stille Stücke for string quartet (2005–9), Modes of interference no. 1 for trumpet and live electronics (2006), Modes of interference no. 2 for saxophone and live electronics (2006), Texture-Residuefor ensemble and live electronics (2006), 3 Pezzi muti for piano and live electronics (2007), 2 Pieces of listening and surveillance for flute and live electronics (2009–12), Untitled 2011 for voice and electronics (2011), Chorale for four voices with microphones and combo amplifiers (2011–15), CHPN3.2 for two pianists with electroacoustic actuators and more live electronics (2012), 2 Sound pieces with repertoire string music for two or more string instruments and live electronics (2012),4 Variazioni sul soffio del tempo for four recorders (2013–15), Dal fondo for piano and live electronics (2014), Les débris de la contingence for violin and live electronics (2017), Larsenflöte for flute with miniature microphone and two loudspeakers (2017), Violazioni della presenza for violin and live electronics (2018), Settimo studio for piano and live electronics (2018), sound installations, chamber music for theatre.