Beine und Strümpfe (Legs and Stockings)
- Bernhard Gander

...because this piece behaves like legs and stockings:

1. Stockings are produced in a factory: chaotic, coloured yarns are woven together to produce various patterns: close-meshed, light, dark, fine-spun, coarse-spun, elastic, close, clinging to the skin... 

2.  The stockings are tried on and presented on the catwalk—applause, flashlights. 

3....and then the party in the disco; many legs (in charming stockings) dance, on their own, in pairs, a change of partners, make for the private room, just the dull thud of the music and dimmed lights, the stockings won’t take in any longer, they ladder; back into the melée, and everyone—well almost everyone—is dancing to the same rhythm underneath a large rotating disco ball. 

The piece is dedicated to Klangforum Wien.

Bernhard Gander