Violin Concerto
- Agata Zubel

In this work, the soloist should shimmer in the kaleidoscope of MANY functions resulting from their role. The soloist has no monopoly on attracting attention, nor is he/she the person for whom the other musicians should only provide a musical background in form of accompaniment. The soloist develops the key role bestowed upon him/her not in opposition to other instrumentalists, but by becoming a titanic protagonist leader. He/she does not dominate over others because of a position on stage or does not fight them as in individual vs. everyone else. Indeed, the soloist stands BEFORE the orchestra and not hierarchically ABOVE it. Yet the soloist is a virtuoso and is not ashamed of his/ her strong personality. Most importantly, confronted with two completely different, sometimes clashing instrumental groups, he/she fights for the role of LEADER. Being a leader denotes not only domination but mostly carrying others away, inspiring them. If the musical substance brings up inner opposition, it is happening within the orchestra, between its factions. The soloist steps outside the star role, becoming an authority and guide, the strongest inspirer who enraptures and empowers others, showing what is possible. 

Agata Zubel