- Hikari Kiyama

Ichikawa Danzou VIII (Kabuki performer)

(Hachi Dai Mei Ichikawa Danzou, 15 May 1882–4 June 1966) 

He committed suicide in 1966. 


What was the meaning of his death?

He had given an interview before he died.

The article says:

“ The current Kabuki does not make efforts to gather a real audience.

Even a skillful actor

is not compared to a masterpiece,

and presenting oneself becomes impossible.” 

I superimposed this fragment of Atsushi Nakajima's Meijinden

“Perfect action lies in no action whatsoever,

perfect speech abandons words,

and perfect archery means no shooting at all” 


To me, the real art exists only in the dimension

that exceeds the physical body;

it is supernatural, outside this world. 

Hikari Kiyama