Katalog chmur (Catalogue of Clouds)
- Mateusz Ryczek

The work consists of five movements. Each represents different kind of clouds:
1. Icy Cirrus Cloud
2. Toxic Cloud of Venus 
3. Stormy Clouds of Neptune 
4. Lunar Dust
5. Storm on Jupiter 

The composition is not based on simple, direct programming; rather, it reflects the concept of clouds in metaphorical, textural, and structural sense. There are many parallel ideas in the notions of clouds and acoustics, such as sound nebulae, shoals of harmonic series, clouds of chords, and so forth. The semantic parallelisms, however, function as a subordinate element to the sound. The aura created by the simultaneously presented video is meant to support the audience’s synesthetic experience of the work. Catalogue of Clouds is a kind of imitazione della natura, consisting of feelings, moods, hidden meanings, and references to the concept of clouds. 

Mateusz Ryczek