Embody is a tale about body, in the form of a polysensory show, in which the spectator is introduced into a world that can be explored simultaneously through several senses. The multimediality of the modern world has accustomed us to receiving very many impulses at the same time. Usually, though, they are not connected: an alert popping up on your computer screen is not synced with the music coming out of the loudspeakers or the scent in the room. In Embody, nothing is random: image, sound, scent, touch, and sensations linked to proprioception and thermoreception are interconnected. Morton Heilig, the author of a multisensory machine called sensorama, has started his project from image. The Embody concept, on the other hand, starts from sound and is based on combining the works of four composers from the gen~.rate composition group, as well as those of renowned German author Caspar Johannes Walter. The programme is based on the first performance of works–installations composed specially for the project and reflecting the experimental approach of their authors. The coherence of repertoire is guaranteed by a common denominator: human body and senses. The stage concept of the project is based on performance in a nonstandard, open space, with no classic stage. This allows the audience to freely move during the show and use the installations linked to the different compositions. To intensify auditive experience, the authors have also opted for spatial audio projection. The concept was authored by composers from the gen~.rate group under the guidance of Caspar Johannes Walter and the project’s initiator, Wiktor Kociuban, conductor, general and artistic director of the Delirium Edition: organisation for tomorrow’s art. Embody is based on common authorship of multimovement compositions. In each of those, one of the composers assumes a lead role, with human body and senses as the common denominator of the entire installation.