21.09 / Friday


Piano Night at the Planetarium

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Szabolcs Esztényi piano

Piano Night at the Planetarium

Intuitive music in cosmic space? This is the recreation of Andrzej Bieżan’s idea, interpreted by Szabolcs Esztényi. This outstanding artist is continuously creating music through his output, teaching, and performances. He says about improvisation: “It is a creative and recreative act, through which the musician can harmoniously develop.  This is the goal of my teaching. I would like my students to grow in harmony, to be wise and relaxed in the musical, artistic sense. Calmness is very much needed in our times. We live in an era of ruthless competition, materialism, and barbarism. We are always in a rush, with no time or patience. It is almost painful. My teaching is—I hope—humanistic, I wish to impose nothing on no-one, focusing instead on the harmonious education of a future professional musician. I wish to trigger the full humanity that is in each of us, if we do not succumb to the terrible pressure of our cruel times.”

Organised by Copernicus Science Centre