Nejtek, Michal

Born 1977, Czech composer. Between 1991 and 1997 he studied composition and piano at the Conservatoire in Teplice before graduating in composition from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (2002). He proceeded to a PhD course in composition at the Leoš Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (2009–14). 

His work ranges from chamber and symphony instrumental compositions to opera and theatre music. He experiments extensively with sound samples and in addition to classical contemporary music, he is active in alternative jazz projects both as musician and composer. 

He has received commissions from many leading festivals and ensembles, including Warsaw Autumn, Donaueschingen Festival, Klangspuren, Prague Spring, De Volharding, Agon Orchestra, Berg Orchestra, and MoEns. His works have also been performed at the Wien Modern Festival, Dartington International Summer Festival, and Trieste Prima Festival as well as by the Budapest Festival Orchestra. 

His accolades include the Leoš Janáček Foundation Award (1999), Generace Competition (1999, 2000, 2001), and NUBERG Prize of the Berg Orchestra (2008, 2014). His work has been selected for the International Rostrum of Composers. He regularly writes music for Czech theatres including the National Theatre in Prague and Brno, Archa Theatre and many others, receiving a nomination to the Alfréd Radok Prize. He was selected for fellowships with Ensemble Modern and Neuköllner Oper, Summer Courses for New Music in Darmstadt, and a Visegrad Residency Grant and Fellowship. 

Selected works (from 2008): Nocturne with Ray for women’s choir, sampler and chamber orchestra (2008), ...your heart stops ... you continue writing for chamber orchestra (2009), Für Elsa Zylberstein II for string orchestra (2009), Veliký slunovrat Great Solstice for actor, singer, 5-string viol, electronics and chamber ensemble (2010), Sunday Akathisia Let’s Sing an Akathist for flute, horn, vibraphone, piano, violin and cello (2011), Heart in Darkness for singer / 5-string viol, electronics and chamber orchestra (2011), Not I for sampler and chamber orchestra (2012), Man of the Past for chamber ensemble and electronics (2012), Pochyby Doubts for three actors and instruments (2013), The Lightning Speed of the Past for singer / harpist / bassist, female vocal quartet, orchestra and electronics (2014), Pierrot Dandy for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello (2015), Tasted thoughts for clarinet (2015), I Hear the Skyfor orchestra (2015), Samota Solitude for countertenor and dulcimer (2015), Drei Familienstücke for violin and cello (2016), Praecepta Decalogi for voice and piano (2016), Constellations I for five dancers, eight musicians and electronics (2016), Trois morceaux délicieux for clarinet, piano, violin and cello (2016), Rules of Good Behaviour in Modern Society, opera in seven scenes for two sopranos, mezzo-soprano, bas, actor and chamber orchestra after a drama by Jean–Luc Lagarce (201617), Ultramarine for orchestra (2017).