Spotkanie z twórcami RECHNITZ. OPERA (Anioł Zagłady)

Why have we chosen to revisit Elfriede Jelinek's writings on events that took place over seventy years ago? Why today, and why in the form of an opera, no less? As a reminder? As a warning? Or perhaps it's because reminding the world about a crime committed against one hundred and eighty Jews at the end of World War II, a crime forgotten and denied, reveals an even older, more profound story, one that we do not wish to hear. And maybe it is through the operatic form that we can reach those registers.

TR Warszawa, the Warsaw Autumn International Festival, and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw will hold a discussion on the premiere showings of the performative version of Rechnitz. Opera (The Exterminating Angel), directed by Katarzyna Kalwat, on September 25, 2018, at 9:30 pm. The panel will be hosted by Janusz Margański, with guests: prof. Zbigniew Mikołejko, Wojciech Blecharz, Katarzyna Kalwat and Monika Muskała. Free admission.