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LOST - Jagoda Szmytka

a transmedia composition developed across multiple platforms and formats including: LOST PLAY, a simultaneous cross- genre performance; LOST in TRANSIT, a music web series; the website; LOST EXTRA, live events; LOST in BLUE, a Facebook page; LOST Magazine; and a novel entitled GAME of LOST. All these extensions are mutually complementary and form a contextual constellation.

In its contextual essence, LOST blurs the distinction between illusion and reality, life and art, what is ON and OFF stage, private and public. The characters that populate the multidimensional realities of LOST are unable to define when they play roles and when they live their own private lives. The difference between Yago and Jagoda, Fräulein and Frauke, Sebbi and Sebastian is fluid, hard to define unequivocally and hard to sense for both the audience and the characters themselves. When does one begin to “play” and when, conversely, one simply and only “is”? Is entry into the “play” triggered by putting on the whole costume, or just a part of it? Does the play begin when we enter the stage, or when we decide that a given space “will from now on be a stage”? The definition of an audience is also fluid in LOST; depending on the different types of access to composition and the selected activity, the audience may assume the role of listeners, users, players, commentators, or consumers. And what about the composition itself: LOST? It takes place somewhere between clicking on “enter,” a concert hall applause, and a stall where LOST Magazine can be bought.