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Toeplitz, Kasper Teodor

Composer and musician working in the “no man’s land” between academic composition (opera, music for orchestra and chamber ensembles) and new experimental electronic music as well as noise music. As a composer, he mostly works with a computer, used as a tool for design and composition. He submits traditional instruments to transformations and preparation, thus forming analogous–digital sound hybrids. He also creates interdisciplinary projects combining elements of performance and contemporary dance.

He has collaborated with numerous institutions (GRM, IRCAM, Radio-France, GMEM, GRAME, ZKM), musicians (Eliane Radigue, Zbigniew Karkowski, Phill Niblock, Dror Feiler, Tetsuo Furudate, Francisco Lopez, Z’EV, Art Zoyd, Ensemble Phoenix) and dancers (Myriam Gourfink). He has been granted awards notably by Villa Médicis Hors-les-Murs in New York, Villa Kujoyama in Japan, DAAD in Berlin, Giga Hertz ZKM, Karlsruhe, and Institut Français in Poland.


Major works: J’irai vers le nord, j’irai vers la nuit polaire, opera (1989), LHOW for symphony orchestra (1991), Zora Mudd for 27 electric and bass guitars (1995), String Quartet no. 1 (1997), String Quartet no. 2 (1997), Virus for live electronics (1998), Kernel #2 for three computers (2002), Capture for three dancers, live electronics and video (2005), Champ de larmes, multimedia project (2006), Molecular Black, multimedia project (2006), Le Chant d’Enoch for theremin and electronic sounds (2006), Frøz #5 for contrabass saxophone and Max/MSP (2006), GELa for brass orchestra and four soloists (2007), Dust Reconstruction for saxophone, pipes and live electronics (2007), Marine for electronics (2008), LFO for bass instruments orchestra (2010), Théorie des cordes for bass guitar and double bass (2010), Trans_Niagara for live electronics (2010), Éclipse continue for live electronics (2010), The Monster Which Never Breathes for organ and live electronics (2010), Choisir le moment de la morsure for electric guitar (2010), Inoculate? for dancer, wind trio, live electronics and data-noise (2011), Rupture & dissipation for ensemble (2012), Territoire de perte for electric guitar (2012), Sketch #3 for ensemble (2012), Wolf Tone, acousmatic work (2012), Araneide for live electronics (2013), Déperdition for double bass (2013), Convergence, Saturation & Dissolution for electric harp and live electronics (2014), INFRA for electric basses (2014), Infra_Exposure, installation/ performance/concert for electric bass (2015).