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Beil, Michael

studied piano and music theory at the Hochschule für Musik in Stuttgart and afterwards composition with Manuel Hidalgo. In 1996 he taught music theory and composition at the music conservatories in Kreuzberg and Neukölln in Berlin as director of the precollege department and the department of contemporary music. At that time he also directed the Klangwerkstatt, a contemporary music festival in Berlin, and in 2000 founded the ensemble Skart with Stephan Winkler to present concerts based on interdisciplinary concepts. In 2007 he became the professor for electronic music at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne and director of its electronic music studio.

Michael Beil’s work focuses on the combination of electronic music, instrumental music, and video. His compositions are based on concepts concerning the situation on stage in a concert in connection with the development process of musical works. Therefore the instrumentalists are mostly involved in the compositional process and their participation is documented to be part of a composition. In this way, the temporal formation and coherence of a musical work becomes perceivable and transparent for the audience in the performance. In order to do this, Michael Beil employs live and prerecorded audio and video.


Works with fixed or live audio: Nexus for two pianos (1995), Und Zehn ist keins for soprano and ensemble (1998), Und Neun ist Eins for soprano, saxophone, piano and percussion (1998), Und Acht for accordion (1999), Mach Sieben for piano (1999– 2000), Und Sechs for ensemble (2000), Aus Eins Mach Zehn for orchestra (2001), Aus Fünf for ensemble (2001), Batterie for percussion (2003), Die Zwei for flute and piano (2004), Beleuchter for flute, violin and cello (2004), Verlier die Vier for percussion and piano (2006), Karaoke for saxophone, piano and percussion (2006), Rebranng! for flute, violin, viola and cello (2008), Doppel for two pianos (2009), belle nuit for soprano, violin, viola and cello (2009), along for electric guitar (2010), wie jetzt? for flute and ensemble (2012), exit to enter for ensemble (2013), swap for flute, oboe and clarinet (2014).

Instrumental and vocal works: Grat for viola and chamber orchestra (1995), Die Drei for six singers (2002), twisted for orchestra, two choirs and girls’ choir (2006).

Music theatre: Branng! for countertenor, speaker and actress with fixed audio (2005), Mahlzeit Provokation for two sopranos and three actors with fixed audio (2010), wie jetzt? for two actors and ensemble with fixed audio and video (2011), blinded for countertenor, boy soprano, speaker and string quartet with fixed audio (2011).