Contemporary music is for children too
As every year, we have prepared a large number of musical experiences for children, parents and guardians. This year’s programme will be inaugurated in the Sculpture Park in Królikarnia.
German artist Erwin Stache has constructed vehicles resembling carriages, which will allow for a stroll in the tempo of a largo, andante, maestro, and presto. For experimenters, you will be able to listen to musical compositions… backwards! And for dessert, an orchestra made of cuckoo clocks. We shall find out how little electronic birds sing, and whether they have stage fright.
As every year, we will also be present at the Łazienki Królewskie park. Słuchodrzewisko (a pun on słuchowisko, audio drama, and drzewo, tree) is a musical performance by Artur Zagajewski. Musicians will sit on a large meadow, and who will join them—peacocks, black-birds, ducks, crickets? In a garden, everything is possible.
At the Fabryka Trzciny cultural centre in the Praga district of Warsaw, we shall live an interesting adventure with Mr. Pebblestone. We shall reinstate the joy of music-making in Boomwhackland, where colourful boomwhackers live.
Students of the Cracow Music Academy shall take us on a tour. The following weekend, a musical street play shall take place at the underground parking lot in the Agora building, silence. In such a space, different sounds like to hide and play, and the echo chases them…
Join us in “catching” the different sounds at Little Warsaw Autumn.

Paulina Celińska
Coordinator of Little Warsaw Autumn