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Perrotta André

Born in Brazil in 1982, he graduated in physics at the University of São Paulo. He has been working professionally with art and technology since 2004. Since 2010 he has been developing a PhD project in computer music/interactive art and he has been researcher for the Marsyas project at the Catholic University of Portugal in Porto. Since 2005, he has been researcher at PANaroma Studio for Electroacoustic Music at the São Paulo State University. During this period he has already developed several compositions with important composers such as Flo Menezes, Jean-Claude Risset, Miguel Azguime, Paulo Ferreira Lopes, Arthur Kampela, and has worked as music assistant and technology director in many concerts and festivals with important ensembles and orchestras such as the OSESP, Arditti Quartet, Sond’Arte Electric Ensemble, California Ear-Unit Ensemble, Linea Ensemble, and the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich.