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Zemler Hubert

An academically trained percussionist, bronze medal winner in the Delphiade (artistic olympics) in Korea for the best solo percussion performance, member of several major Warsaw-based groups of the independent music scene. For many years, he gained experience in such radically different areas as improvised music (Horny Trees, SzaZaZe, Kapacitron, Piętnastka / Fifteen), contemporary classical music (Arturas Bumšteinas, Zdzisław Piernik, Tadeusz Wielecki), world music (Ritmodelia, Calle Sol) and many other styles (The Saint Box, Incarnations, Frozen Bird, Babadag, Neurasja, Natu). Constantly exploring, consistently following his own path, he has created his own original sound supported by his unusual sensitivity, ingeniousness and extraordinary performance technique. He also gives solo recitals. A recording of one of his concerts is available on the CD Moped released under the LADO ABC label.