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Bång Malin

She is composer-in-residence and founding member of the Curious Chamber Players. Her work includes music for instrumental ensembles, orchestra, staged music, electronic music and instrumental performance pieces. Lately she has specifically explored the mixed, amplified instrumental ensemble extended with sound objects in collaboration with the members of Curious Chamber Players.

Her works are performed worldwide and some recent and upcoming collaborations and commissions include Klangforum Wien and the Impuls Festival, Ensemble Recherche and the Wittener Tage für Neue Musik, Curious Chamber Players at the Summer Courses in Darmstadt and Ultraschall Festival, as well as and Ives and Mosaik Ensembles for the Faithful! Festival in Berlin. During 2010 she was awarded the Kranichsteiner Scholarship Prize for her ensemble work Turbid Motion at the Darmstadt Festival. In 2012 she has started a one-year residency in Berlin, invited as a guest by the DAAD Artists’ Programme in Berlin.

Malin Bång’s music is an exploration of movement and energy, She defines her musical material according to their amount of friction to create a spectrum of unpredictable and contrasting actions, ranging from the intimate and barely audible to the harsh and obstinate. In her work she often incorporates sound objects to explore a rich sound world and to suggest that a musical content can be shaped by anything valuable to the artistic purpose. She lives in Berlin.


Selected works: Vita dei Fiori for guitar and double bass (2000), Hav for mixed choir (2002), Rain Worm Race for orchestra (2002), Rebekkas Saga for voice, percussion and strings (2002), ...när korpen vitnar for hardanger or violin (2003), La Luna, Luna for flute / bass flute and symphonic or chamber orchestra (2003), Sanguine Sand for ensemble (2003), more than a hero for female voice and guitar / harp (2004, 2005), Twilight Collider for flute / bass flute and electronics (2004), La Grande Vita dei Fiori for ensemble (2005), Fountain Club for ensemble (2005), Faces and Moon Splinters for ensemble (2005), bakom, bortom for reciter, sound objects and electronics (2006), Ljómi for flute ensemble (2006), delta waves for tenor saxophone (2007), Early Traces for tenor saxophone and two dancers (2007), Cancíon Esquirla for flute, percussion, two violins (or cellos) and two sets of sound objects (2007–08), Sparkling Box for ensemble and electronics (2007), Perpetual Revival for ensemble (2007), alpha waves for alto flute (2008), Avenue Gardens for orchestra (2008), my past you are my breath my... for six voices (2008), The Curious Collection for instrumental-electronic ensemble (2008), resilience for contrabass bassoon, tenor saxophone, percussion and viola (2008), Spine Reaction for four electric guitars (2008), Fireworks and Silverbirds for dan tranh, dan bau, 10-string guitar and electronics (2009), Revival in Relievo for ensemble (2009), gläntor, grenar for percussion trio (2009), skuggor, glänta, dån for mixed choir and three percussions (2009), epic abrasion for ensemble (2010), turbid motion for ensemble (2010), encrusted for ensemble (2010), hyperoxic for bass clarinet and sound objects (2011), split rudder for contrabass Paetzold flute (2011), structures of molten light for ensemble (2011), irimi for ensemble (2012), purfling for violin and electronics (2012), sophomore structures of molten light for ensemble (2012), kobushi burui for tenor saxophone, guitar, percussion and piano (2012).