A play inspired by the biography of Tomasz Sikorski: brilliant composer, pianist, precursor of minimalism in Polish music, who died in unclear circumstances in 1988 aged forty-nine. Underestimated in his lifetime, he struggled with depression, alcoholism, and solitude. He was found dead in his tiny at in Warsaw’s MDM district. 

The playwright uses the convention of a play within a play. The action is a dramatised sequence of conjectures, guesses, and hypotheses concerning the composer’s last days and his mysterious death, presented by two actors and a theatre director who is preparing a show about Sikorski. is part stage adaptation, part documentary (with statements by the composer’s friend Teresa Rużyłło) is combined with elements of a concert. Tomasz Sikorski’s music is used in the play not as a mere illustration, but as an integral part of the show. 

This show belongs to the cycle TEATROTEKA (THEATRE LIBRARY), produced by Warsaw Documentary and Feature Film Studios.