Aga Jaga: the musical adventures of Agata Zubel

Aga Jaga is a modern witch who works magic by means of music. She is a master at this, so that nothing is impossible for her. She can imitate the rustle of leaves or paper with her voice. PWM Edition’s most recent book, Aga Jaga: the musical adventures of Agata Zubel, tells the story of how little Aga fell in love with music and grew up to be a famous artist. The now grown-up Agata will tell the youngest audience about her passion, and introduce children to the magic world of sounds. The book Aga Jaga: the musical adventures of Agata Zubel by Zbigniew Dmitroca, illustrated by Jagoda Charkiewicz, has been published in the children’s series The Scale and Passengers, under the Małe PWM (Little PWM Edition) label. Protagonists of the publication hide in the tones of the black and white piano keys. In the series, leading authors describe adventures, stories, funny events, and fairytales from the lives of twelve eminent twentieth- and twenty-first-century Polish musicians in sounds and images.