Słabi (The Weak)

Who are the eponymous “weak” from the play by Magdalena Drab? They are people like many others living around us, banal and depressed by their banality, unable to cope with the humdrum reality; falling (or perhaps only escaping) into depression. They crave for love and for a better life. Infected by death, they are at the same time paralysed by the fear of death. The main protagonist is a woman who falls into depression after giving birth to a child. Depression isolates her from her family and other people. However, is maternity the real cause of her illness? Or perhaps she demonstrated her weakness already before: a weakness that results from increased sensitivity in a world in which the atrophy of feelings and primitivism of behaviour are considered assets? 

The play by Magdalena Drab won the prestigious Gdynia Dramatic Award in 2017.