Na krawędzi Światła (On the Edge of Light) - Magdalena Długosz

Composed for large symphony orchestra with extensive percussion and an electroacoustic sound layer, to which I assign a solo role. I focus here on my fundamental compositional idea: enriching electroacoustic music with the value of interpretation, which is so important and inherent to musical performance. I reach this goal by shaping the electroacoustic fabric from many different segments, which are multilayered sound forms with definite expressive qualities. In the score, these are notated as graphs and positioned on multiple levels on the time axis, but without a precise definition of the time relation between them, the tempo of their performance, their spatialisation, or parameters such as dynamics, timbre, and energy. The performer of the electroacoustic part is thus entitled to individually read the score and present his or her own vision of the musical narrative during the concert. I call this person the interpreter of the electroacoustic layer, believing that by allowing him or her to interfere with the work’s shape, I open the field to an artistically valuable reading of my compositional intention. 

The substantive unity of both the orchestral and electroacoustic layer centres on timbre. My desire is that by disclosing unknown ne qualities, their shades, spatial configurations, a play of colours and contrasts, I can move the listener into an unreal world, referring to the mysterious sphere of the sacrum. Its foundation is the consciousness of being rooted in the past, especially in the spiritual aspect, as well as a conviction that spirituality is an inherent attribute of the human existence. In undertaking a sound concretisation of these intentions, I have used the modern composition métier, including computer tools. I am con dent that a modern, technologically aided creative métier allows to express emotions, freely shape musical energy and tension, and an illusion of depth and space. It also allows to penetrate into immaterial content, symbols, and ideas. 

The solo part of the electroacoustic layer will be interpreted live by Michał Pawełek with the use of custom so ware created by Mateusz Bień.

Magdalena Długosz