Centre Henri Pousseur

Founded in 1970 on the initiative of Henri Pousseur and Pierre Bartholomée (formerly known as the Centre de Recherches et de Formation Musicales de Wallonie), since its beginnings the Centre has played a pioneering role in the creation, realisation and distribution of electronic music works, and in particular of crossover instrumental–electronic music. As a place for experimentation, exchange and contemporary music creation, it hosts artists and projects from the Fédération Wallonie–Bruxelles, as well as other French and international artists. Every year the Centre commissions numerous works from French and international composers. Since 2009, the Centre has awarded the biennial Prix Henri Pousseur to a young graduate of a Conservatoire belonging to the Fédération Wallonie–Bruxelles. rough their own activities, such as the Festival Images Sonores, the Centre supports the dissemination of the works created in their studios, without losing sight of other contemporary repertoire. 

The activities of the Centre Henri Pousseur receive the generous support of the Fédération de la Communauté Wallonie–Bruxelles (Direction générale de la Culture, Service de la Musique).