Roemer, Piotr

Born in 1988 in Cracow, he graduated with honours in music theory and composition from Academy of Music in Cracow, and is currently writing his PhD dissertation under the supervision of Magdalena Długosz. 

He is the winner of Call for Sounds competition for composers at 2009 Warsaw Autumn. His works have been performed at numerous music festivals in Poland and abroad. In 2014 he was a MINSTREL – Miso Music Portugal (LEC) composer-in-residence in Lisbon. In 2012–15 he was invited to collaborate as a composer with the China Conservatoire of Music and the Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra, which led notably to the performance of his Cpujrotu for traditional Chinese instruments ensemble and electronics at the concert Inspirations from All Parts of the World in Beijing. In the academic year 2017/18 he was an Erasmus+ student at Rome’s Conservatorio di Musica Santa Cecilia, Dipartimento di Nuove Tecnologie e Linguaggi Musicali (Musica Elettronica)

Piotr Roemer is also a dancer and Argentinian tango coach. In 2017–18 he performed in the dance group Tangere, headed by the world-famous dancer Gianpiero Galdi, as well as at concerts in Pagani, Naples, Palermo, Ravenna, and Cluj. 

He is also the author of short stories (winner of several literary competitions) and texts on music. His stories have been published in anthologies by Replika, Forma, Van Der Book, and in the magazine Glissando.

Piotr Roemer has received scholarships from the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2010), City of Cracow (academic scholarship, 2010; artistic scholarship, 2016), Sapere Auso Foundation (artistic scholarship, 2011), and Andrzej Szczypiorski Fund for the Support of Artistic Work at the Society of Authors ZAiKS (2014). Member of the Polish Composers’ Union since 2019. 

Selected works: Tango sonore, electroacoustic composition (2009), Trio for table and prepared scissors for two violins, double bass and live electronics (2011), Tesla for two saxophones (2011), Project: Tesla for electroacoustic layer and improvising musicians (2011), Re-Sublimations for string orchestra and percussion (2012), Soneostasis for chamber ensemble and electronic media (2013), Sin palabras, electroacoustic poem (2014), Cpujrotufor traditional Chinese instruments ensemble and electronics (2015), Camadeliriumfor small symphony orchestra (2015), Antiphon for trombone, brass ensemble and electronics (2016), Duet for symphony orchestra and electronics (collective composition, 2016), Duet Solo for symphony orchestra and electronics (2016), Expressis non-verbis, audio stage monodrama for dancer (2016), Sublimations for string orchestra and percussion (2018), Panopticum, electroacoustic composition (2019), Phantasm for symphony orchestra and electronics (2019).