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Click and edit the elements.

Create your own composition.

How to compose your piece

The blue geometrical figures correspond to excerpts from works by composers whose music is presented at this year’s “Warsaw Autumn”.
The fragments are played back one after another in a random sequence determined by a draw.
Two excerpts taken from two different compositions are assigned to each figure (circle or rectangle).

By choosing new sequences of excerpts, you can form a new piece of music, in which you can select the tempi and volumes
draw a new sequence of excerpts;
each geometrical figure is a combination of two musical excerpts;
by clicking once on any selected figure, we activate the transformation mode;
two clicks eliminate a given excerpt, or add a new one.
Sound title
Sound title

The Mixer

Edit the excerpts using the sliders on the orbits around the titles.
The external slider controls the volume, the internal slider – the tempo. To switch to another musical fragment, use the arrows above and below the title of the given piece.