22.09 / Thursday


Concert Cosmic Live Electronic

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Cosmic Live Electronic Concert

Programme: electroacoustic works by Elżbieta Sikora, Marek Chołoniewski, Marcin Wierzbicki, Andrzej Kopeć, and Aldona Nawrocka

The Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium in Warsaw’s Copernicus Science Centre is one of the most modern in the world. Mankind has always believed the world of music and the stars are related. For ancient Greeks, the universe was synonymous with order and harmony. Pythagoras looked for the music of the spheres. During concerts of classical, jazz, and modern music at the Planetarium, that harmony can be experienced with many senses. Musicians are inspired by surrounding views of constellations and remote corners of the universe, their playing lending rhythm to live video projections. Images and sounds interpenetrate, compliment each other, and create a unity.

In the Heavens of Copernicus, one can watch live viewings of the sky, laser shows, space-themed and scientific films, lectures, and concerts. The venue is equipped with systems such as Sky-Skan’s Definiti 3D, Megastar IIA, a laser system, while its own production studio has won numerous international awards.

Organised by Copernicus Science Centre